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Automobile Sleigh Develops Speed of 35 Miles an Hour on Snow Roads


LESTER COBB, of Norway, Maine, has invented an automobile sleigh which will not mire in ruts or drifts of snow. It drives and operates like an automobile. A paddle arrangement gives it traction. The auto-sleigh is geared for rapid traction and 35 m.p.h, is a comfortable speed with it. It is declared that the deeper the snow the faster the speed of the sleigh.

In Other Automobile Driving / Sleighing News:

Auto On Skis Races Over Snow At 100 Miles An Hour!
When snow-blocked roads hindered Father Frank Nestor, of Cando, N. D., from visiting his outlying parishes during the winter months, he determined to build a machine that would be proof against unfavorable weather. An opportunity came to purchase a good 100-horsepower airplane engine secondhand, and around this Father Nestor constructed the remarkable air-propelled vehicle that he calls his “snow-boat.” On packed snow or ice the slender streamlined vehicle can travel at a speed of 100 miles an hour.

Mechanics of a Cando garage, where the machine was built, donated their services and helped solve some of the technical problems. The body rests upon three hickory runners with spring steel shoes, backed by wide steel skis in case the runners should break through the snow. Steering is accomplished through the front runner.
The driver’s cab looks the part and suggests that of an automobile, with its steering wheel, foot accelerator, and spark and choke controls. Also on the instrument board are switches for a pair of headlights, and a horn button. ‘Both horn and lights are mounted on the roof of the cab. The driver sees his way through a square windshield, equipped with a wiper that keeps it clear when the vehicle is used during a snowstorm.

Both Articles are courtesy of Modern Mechanix and were first published in 1930 and 1932 respectively.

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